Top Video Game Critics Reviwed Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is the top-selling gaming application in App Store. Many Nintendo fans specifically Mario fans are on a hype since the day it was announced in Apple Event last September 2016.

Super Mario Characters

Upon the release, the game already received a ton of reviews about the game. In iTunes store, there are 50, 000 reviews from players around the world and shared their comments about the game. One of the negative comment is the price tag itself. They said the price is too much for a gaming app. But let's face it, it's a Nintendo game. The share of the price is distributed to all the companies who developed the game. For example, Apple will get 30% of the profit. DeNa and Nintendo who developed the game has its share as well. It's business. But of course, Nintendo became fair to release the game for free. As you can play the first 3 levels.

Top video game critics also shared the detailed yet interesting review about Super Mario Run.

Metacritic reviewed the game after its release. It has a score of 77/100 on their website. Under critic review, they gave a positive feedback of 37 with 14 mixed reviews and 0 negative reviews. But under User reviews, it shows 27 positive, 6 mixed and 22 negative reviews.

Game Informer gave it a score of 7/10. On their website, they categorized each review:

  • Concept - tells the whole idea of the game.
  • Graphics - tells how the game appears graphically on the platform and to see if there are some flaws.
  • Sound - obviously talking about the sound effects and game music on how they compliment during the gameplay.
  • Playability - tells how user-friendly the game is. Talking about the controls etc.
  • Entertainment - which tells how fun and engaging the game. They consider this as the main category in their review.
  • Replay value - which tells how the replay rate of the player.

Super Mario Characters

Overall,Game Informer provide a good review in each category with a replay value of moderate to high. Meaning, they see players running the game in the next couple of months.

GameSpot gave a generous score of 7/10 as well. They said that it is the most convenient game with a 2D level design. They are impressed with the graphics and the unique style moves of the character.

Games Radar gave an above average score of 4/5 stars. Though they provided a Pros and Cons of the game. They said that they feel the nostalgia of the classic Super Mario Game and the levels are fantastic, but they were not impressed by the Kingdom builder mode as they thought it looks repetitive.

Meanwhile, IGN gave a high score of 8/10. They quoted it as very addicting because of its unique levels and the old-school feeling of the old Super Mario game.

Last, but not least, Polygon also gave Super Mario Run a score of 7/10. They said the was enjoyable but not as appealing as the other Super Mario games due to limited controls. They also felt that they are missing out interesting adventures.

Overall, these critics provide fair reviews and still indeed will make it the best mobile game of the year.

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