Super Mario Run Minimum System Requrements and Benchmark

Super Mario Run is finally released in the mobile market but this is only available on iOS platforms for now and soon to be available in the Android world. Talking about performance, Nintendo is concerned about how the Mario will be created on the mobile platforms. They made it fixed in the vertical orientation it will not cause any display issues.

Super Mario Characters

They mainly released the game on iOS platform because of Apple's security feature. Apple Store has some guidelines in terms of Safety, Performance, Business, Design, and Legal. Nintendo became committed to passed all of this guideline for better gaming experience for users.

What is the minimum requirement to play Super Mario Run? In the official App Store page, the minimum iOS version required is 8.0 or later. And it is compatible with other platforms like iPhone 5 devices and up, iPad Pro, iPad Air 4th generation, iPad mini 2 and up, and iPod Touch 6th generation. We still don't have any updates regarding the minimum requirements for Android devices. This will come in the later part of the release.

What is the current version of the Super Mario Run? The current version of the game is 1.0.2.

Can I play the game in offline mode? Sadly, Super Mario Run requires internet connections (whether it's data or wifi access) to run the game. This is for security reason as some pirated games can only be played in offline mode.

Can you use other devices and transfer your data? Yes, you can transfer your current data to other devices as long as your Nintendo account is linked.

Can I change the rendering and graphics settings? You can change the graphics settings of the game but this will also affect the quality. For example, if you set your graphics and rendering settings to low, then the game textures will be less detailed and the rendering will be less smooth. So, it's recommended to keep the settings to default for better gaming experience.

We run some benchmark on our phone to check the performance of the game. Some show good results depending on your phone. Fairly, the frame rate runs at solid 60fps. The response rate is high and only a few lags have been noted.

Another concern is the battery consumption. This is also one of the main concerns in mobile gaming. Some games have a high power consumption. But Super Mario Run gave as a good result and doing better in conserving energy from your battery.

Resource or CPU Usage also shows good results. It only consumes 60% of your phone's CPU. This also includes the GPU usage with 25%.

In terms of memory, the average memory usage is 183Mb and its peak memory is 217Mb. Compared to other games with an average of 253Mb that can reach up to 277 as its peak.

Since Super Mario Run requires an internet connection, the network traffic was also noted. It has a record of 0.09% when it's up and 0.19 when the traffic is down.

You can test the benchmark of this game yourself and see the results.

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