Super Mario Run Basic Tips and Tricks

Super Mario CharactersA lot of people are excited since day one about the Super Mario Run. A lot of players already completed the World Tour mode. It is important to know the basic instructions of the game, but of course, you can still get better as you progress in the game and find some strategies on how to pass the level, collect all challenge coins and score up in Toad Rally.

There are a bunch of tips and tricks on the web on how to get better in this game. And there are useful keys in the game that are very important to use. Timing is also important so you need to keep an eye on the obstacles. Jumping is one of the main keys in the game. In fact, that is the only thing you need to do, but during the entire course of the game. But there are different jumping styles you can do.

  • Mini jump - Mario automatically runs in the scene. This move automatically executed as he passes through small gaps and enemies.
  • Basic jump - this is executed by tapping the screen once. This is also considered as the normal jump.
  • High jump - you can tap and hold the screen to execute this command.
  • Spin jump - you need to perform the high jump first before you can execute the spin jump. All you need to do is to tap and hold the screen to high jump and tap the screen again to perform a spin.
  • Flip jump - this is automatic, you will notice a flip jump when Mario passes a high platform and he will flip down.
  • Reverse jump - this will execute if you hit the edge of the wall and then it will flip jump backward. This is helpful if you want to reach the coins that you missed.

As you play the game, you'll discover more style jumps especially when trying to reach coins or finish the level completely.

  • Pause blocks - pause blocks are available around the map in eachlevel to give you time to strategize your next move.
  • Bubbles - bubble will appear each time you die in the game, it will bounce you back to a certain point you want to respawn. There are also available bubbles for you to use to rewind the level and get the coins that you missed.
  • Arrow blocks - these blocks will reverse your movement backward. This is also important if you missed coins and to time jumping into enemies.
  • Stars - this is one of my favorite power-ups. This will help you get all the coins as you pass them. You will also be immune to enemies so no need to skip them.
  • Super Mushrooms - this is another power-up that will get Mario grow bigger. You can break bricks and kill enemies more effectively.

Lastly, try to unlock all the characters. As you signed up for the game, you will get Mario and Toad characters. Some characters you can unlock are Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach and Toadette. And these characters has its own abilities. Play the character of your choice to advance in the game.

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