Behind the Scenes of Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is continuously growing and still on top of the charts in iTunes Store. With its $9.99 price tag, you can get all the 6 worlds with 24 different levels, Rally Tickets, and 30000 gold coins.

Super Mario CharactersA lot of people are excited since day one about the Super Mario Run. A lot of players already completed the World Tour mode. It is important to know the basic instructions of the game, but of course, you can still get better as you progress in the game and find some strategies on how to pass the level, collect all challenge coins and score up in Toad Rally.

Shigeru Miyamoto; game developer and producer of the game said that this game will introduce to millions of players around the world to have fun and experience Super Mario. Indeed, because not all users have Nintendo consoles, so it will be an experience for mobile users to get to know Mario and friends.

Mobile gaming market was started in 2010. Since Nintendo has their exclusive games only made for Nintendo users. According to Satoru Iwata; President of Nintendo, They were hesitant to release and extend it to mobile platforms since they felt like it will lose their identity. In 2014, mobile gaming market continuous to grow and financial performances are growing tremendously. After a year, Iwata decided to make a partnership with mobile game developers specifically DeNa. DeNa is the main mobile portal provider in Japan. DeNa started developing mobile games back in March 1999 in Tokyo, Japan. With their partnership with Nintendo, they started to bring 5 Nintendo titles to mobile gaming. The first Nintendo game that was released on the mobile platform is Miitomo. Nintendo also made a partnership with Niantic to release the famous game Pokemon Go.

During Super Mario Run's development, Miyamoto quoted that they are more interest on how Mario will be created in iPhones that will make the game even more unique and be engaging to players. The Super Mario Run was inspired by Speedrunners which give rise to Mario's unique style jumps. The game can be played in a vertical orientation. And developers ensured that controls are simplified. It will be easy for beginners to play around the game.

Takashi Tezuka is the game designer of Super Mario Run. Its style was created using the same core development team and used the 2.5D style and was built using Unity Engine. Unity Engine expressed their great excitement and proud that they will make the Super Mario Run using their engine. They announced it in their opening keynote Unite16 last November 2016.

Nintendo decided to release it on iOS platform because of its security feature. They announced and confirmed the release date of Super Mario Run in the Apple Event last September 7, 2016. It's then released on iTunes last December 15, 2016, and later will be released in Android market in late March 2017. They are continuously working the app in Android to make sure of its compatibility feature with Google's operating system.

Nintendo also required having an internet connection to play the game to avoid any piracy. After the release announcement, financial analysts said that this could have a similar revenue result like Pokemon Go. Also, Nintendo's stock rises after the game announcement.

After its release, some video game reviewers like Metacritic gave a score of 77/100. Some other video game critics like IGN, Polygon and Game Informer, gave a fairly score of between 7-8 out of 10.

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